In "subotopic", the viewer's gaze dives below the water's surface downwards into ever deeper layers of water. In morphed single-frame switching, bizarre pictorial plants and insect creatures pass by the viewer. One dives into lightless spaces until one penetrates a surface of light again. Diving deeper and deeper, existing parallel worlds are made visible under water and new utopias are created. Above and below, inside and outside dissolve. A dive into a mystical underwater world where reality and utopia meet.

Animation · 7:00 min · Stereo / 5.1 · DCPC
Direction|Animation|Sound: Nikki Schuster (AT)
Soundmix: Sebastian Müller (DE)
Production: Fiesfilm (DE)
sponsored by: BMKOES (AT), Scene 5 (DE)
© Nikki Schuster (AT/DE), 2023