"absent" is an experimental animation film about abandoned places detected in Spain, Bolivia, Mexico, Bosnia, Croatia and Germany.
In abandoned buildings life starts to vibrate again: the ambient light starts to flicker, left-behind items beginn to move, inside spaces come alive. The viewer dives through desertion, gets absorbed by dark niches, sucked through black space and disgorged into another room, till nature takes the ruin back. An odyssey through a labyrinth of decay.
Technique: photo-series / pixilation / 2D computer

Animation, 6:33 min, Stereo/5.1, HD/DCP
Nikki Schuster
Synthesizer: Ignatz Bee
Sound-Mix: Sebastian Müller
sponsored by: Kulturland OÖ
Sales: sixpackfilm Vienna
© Nikki Schuster AT/DE/ES/BOL/MEX
BO/HR 2015

Best Abstract / Non-Narrative Film
Anifilm 2016, T?ebo?, Czech Rebublic