The MS Stubnitz is an 80 meters long historic vessel, built in 1964 at the Volkswerft Stralsund for the East-German fishing industries. She is the sole surviving specimen of its type and is listed as a Monument of German Shipbuilding by the city of Rostock. From 1992 the MS Stubnitz was transformed into a moving platform for music, cultural production, documentation and communication and has visited 22 different ports across 11 European countries. Operating on a predominantly voluntary basis, the Stubnitz crew, like the project itself, is in a constant state of flux, and ranges from weekend helpers to year-round live in residents.
Since 2014 the MS Stubnitz is moored in Hamburg.
Technique: photo-sequences

Animadoc, 5:15 min, Stereo, HD/DCP
Nikki Schuster
Sound-Mix: Sebastian Müller
Sales: Interfilm Berlin
© Nikki Schuster AT/DE 2015

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