Paris - picturesque and cosmopolitan, chansons and street art. "Paris Recyclers" portraits the cultural, social and urban fabrics of this city by means of experimental animation. The viewer is guided to urban hideouts where little creatures dwell. These are digitally composed with collected trash and typical local products. The clatter of the limbs of these creatures interacts with the soundscapes of Paris.
Technique: object animation / 2D computer

Animation, 5:39 min, Stereo, 16:9 HDTV/digiBeta
Direction/Animation/Sound: Nikki Schuster
Sound-Mix: Sebastian Müller
Sales & Distribution: sixpackfilm, Vienna; Interfilm Berlin
© Nikki Schuster AT/DE/FR 2011

2011 Tricky Woman Vienna (AT)
2011 Crossing Europe Linz (AT)
2011 Anima Mundi, Sao Paulo & Rio (BR)
2011 Badalona Festival (E)
2011 Animator Festival Poznan (PL)
2011 Tindirindis Vilnius (LT)
2011 Invideo Mailand (I)
2011 ANTIMATTER Victoria (CAN)
2011 Int. Short Film Festival Leuven (BE)
2011 Istanbul Animation Festival (TR)
2011 Clair Obscur Filmfestival Basel (CH)
2011 Corona Cork Film Festival (IR)
2012 "Next-and-After" Festival Moskow (RU)

"Valuable", Board of Film Classification Wiesbaden 2011